HCRC’s Mission

Heartland Community Reconciliation Center’s focus is the reconciliation of social conflict. It is an organization formed to increase knowledge and understanding of local level issues concerning deep causes of social conflict, including the role of the arts in social change, education, and healing. Activities include: research, consultation and or training for existing nonprofit organizations, reconciliation workshops, arts and education events, and solidarity work with community leaders and stakeholders. Objectives include: relationship building, reconciliation, education, and healing.

HCRC’s Vision

HCRC looks to the wisdom of each individual in the service of healing.

HCRC’s Activities and Services

Founded in December, 2019, the staff and board of Heartland (HCRC) have been working behind the scenes with community leaders, activists and stakeholders in the midwest to:

 — Identify core, rational areas of disparity that are root causes of social conflict;
 — Recommend small, measurable changes that can benefit all parties, and can, over time, lead to reconciliation and social healing.

Our current projects focus on:

 — Communities experiencing social conflicts over issues of economic, educational, and racial disparities;
 — Research & education of the connections between environmental degradation, climate change, and social conflict.

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