The Global Warming series

A painting exhibition by David J. Emerson Young

When: May 15-29 2021 (open Tuesdays through Saturdays, 12-5pm)
Exhibition Opening: Saturday, May 15, 4-7pm
Location: FAR Center for Contemporary Arts/ 505 Theatre
505 W. 4th Street, Bloomington, IN 47401

This is an education-driven exhibition on the topic of global warming and climate change. *Please contact Dena Hawes at  if you would like to receive a mailed or emailed copy of the schedule for 7 (free) lectures/facilitated workshops for adults and youth (online options available via Zoom).

Workshops and Trainings*

Consultations and Community Discussions

* available upon request

The Global Warming Series is a partnership between the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts and Heartland Community Reconciliation Center, and is made possible through in-kind and financial support of these two nonprofit organizations and the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association, as well as in-kind support from the Bloomington Arts Commission, the City of Bloomington Utilities Department, and WonderLab.

 David J. Emerson Young
Village Flood.

Global Warming Series
2018, 46” tall x 64” wide, acrylic on linen canvas. 

David J. Emerson Young
Drenched Crops
Global Warming Series

acrylic painting on linen. 65” tall x 46” wide

 David J. Emerson Young
Methane From Landfills.

Global Warming Series
acrylic painting on linen. 46” tall x 65” wide